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Timeless Tailoring: Classic Suits and Dress Shirts

A shirtdress can easily swallow you up and make it look like you’re wearing the wrong size or an oversize style if you’re petite. Try a gathered or wrap dress instead to ensure your look is falling just right. Known initially for its experimental jewelry, it’s now a globally recognized unisex fashion brand. In this collaboration, they further their exploration of web3 technologies and digital fashion. As the Korean Wave continues to impact much of the world, luxury brands will maintain their geographical pivot to Asia acknowledging that what was once seen as a trend has now shifted to becoming a movement.

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The unapologetically sparkly pink vibes of Barbiecore (which drops on July 21st, BTW) will undoubtedly be everywhere come homecoming szn, too. The wonders of the sea continued to strike a balance against earthly pleasures with hypnotic fish scale skirts paired with cropped jackets and massive encrusted feather and metal headpieces. Gorgeous beaded dresses bore a striking resemblance to stained glass windows, draped just so over the body. Elsewhere, colorblocked minidresses, one of Ghesquière’s staples, were layered, ruched, and bunched to perfection, never once losing their technical rigor or excitement. Paired with masquerade masks in metallic finishes, they looked like lost relics from a Venetian ball, brought into the future. It seems like just yesterday we were all wearing homemade tie-dye sweatsuits as a result of quarantine-induced boredom.

Summer Fashion Trends Straight From The Runway To Start Wearing Now

Since it’s long-sleeved, you’ll be able to wear it well into the fall too. Kicky daredevils in red lipstick and shiny satin tops rode bucking broncos and dangled upside-down from their saddles, wowing a crowd still unaccustomed to women in pants. But ghastly injuries and the return of men from the war brought a shift by midcentury to rodeo queens and beauty pageants.

Today I learned that “quiet luxury” is one of the biggest trends of 2023.

Poking fun at the entire concept of high fashion is one of the statements to take from this trend. While not exactly a Y2K fashion trend, the digital illusion is an ode to a favorite pastime from the late ’90s to early ’00s. If anyone remembers spending time creating fun drawings and painting on Paint, you’ll probably appreciate a good digital and pixelated illusion.

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Designers seem to think that enough time has passed for you to move past any tie-dye burnout and have introduced a more elegant version of the trend for 2023 with dip-dye. Dip-dye encompasses the same multi-tone color story as tie-dye without all the neon swirls. The subdued ombré coloring gives garments a one-of-kind appearance and naturally showed up on Ulla Johnson’s boho runway and on Peter Do’s. Though dip-dye may seem like a more casual trend, designers like Altuzarra upgraded the look to formal wear with dip-dyed gowns.

Morning Lavender Tori Pearl Tulle Maxi Dress, $95

Feather trims, feather gloves, feathers paired with sequins — we’ve been loving it all. Dig out that feather boa you bought for Harry Styles’ Love On Tour if you want to go the extra mile. Gothic frills, lace-up detailing, corset tops, and bows are all you need to achieve peak Wednesday Addams energy.

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Designers like Blumarine have taken a more literal approach to mermaidcore with multiple iterations of a seashell bra top incorporated into the spring/summer ’23 collection. Bottega Veneta made an aquamarine skirt that could take you from the office to the ocean. Emily McCullar is a senior editor covering pop culture, news, and Texas history.

Orange One Shoulder Midi Dress

Not every optical illusion is meant to make a joke or statement via fashion. You will also see these tricks used to showcase inspiring pieces of art. We’ve seen examples from the sheer top trend that take a mesh clothing piece and turn it into a real work of art. Although you are just wearing a sheer top, the actual fashion moment is the pattern or artwork painted on top. Using fabrics such as mesh or tulle makes it easy to create the illusion of another work of art on top and is the simplest way to introduce trompe l’oeil to your wardrobe.

The social event of the season is here, and we all know what that means – blockbuster premieres, controversial screenings, and some seriously showstopping red carpet looks. We’re sharing the seven hottest red carpet trends – and what they mean for your summer wardrobe – here. One way to spot a rising trend is to look at the aesthetics of recent movies and TV shows, like the all-black gothic vibes of Jenna Ortega’s statement collars and Mary Janes for Wednesday Addams.

Anthropologie Sweetheart Bow Dress, $170

As South Koreans are currently the world’s biggest spenders on luxury goods, it comes as no surprise that brands want to capitalize on consumers in this market. Haute couture is often seen as out of reach and difficult to wear unless you’re on the red carpet. Trompe l’oeil is perhaps the easiest way to transform your wardrobe into couture without having to pay for a custom designer piece. Whether it’s with a sheer or over-the-top piece, playing with the optical illusion of an item can make it easy to invoke the same feeling of the runway in your wardrobe. Although these optical illusions aren’t fooling anyone any time soon, some appear strikingly realistic.

Over the last year, my wardrobe has been inspired by the minimalism of ’90s fashion that has recently returned to the runways in a major way. These pieces have a soft elegance that I plan to incorporate into my summer looks. As the world collectively makes its way back to a new sense of normalcy post-pandemic, the fashion industry is finding its footing in Asian markets.

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Puffer-jacket weather is a distant memory, but that hasn’t stopped summer’s cutest accessories from swelling up. From Polly Pocket shoes at Loewe to inflatable bows at Moschino, this season’s details are simply more fun when they look like they’ve been stung by a bee. From asymmetrical necklines to oversized sleeves, here are the best red carpet trends of 2023 so far. While gold has been the color of choice for the fashion crowd over the last few years, Gen Z is turning the tide and embracing cooler, rocker-chic color palettes—including going back to silver.

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