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The global popularity of South Korea’s cultural exports in pop culture, entertainment, music and more, has become a point of appeal for luxury brands. While it appears that brands have embraced the country’s cultural phenomenon — better known as the Korean Wave or Hallyu in recent years — it is not new. Post-pandemic, the fashion industry continues to ride the wave and it is in due part to the uptick in South Korea’s economic success. Earlier this year, analysts presented data regarding the South Korean consumers’ spending power. CNBC recently reported that the total spending on personal luxury goods by South Koreans increased by 24% to $16.8 billion USD.

Fashion Trends 2023: 8 Summer Trends To Start Wearing Immediately – STYLECASTER

Fashion Trends 2023: 8 Summer Trends To Start Wearing Immediately.

Posted: Mon, 22 May 2023 21:32:12 GMT [source]

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Whether it’s a play on textures, pieces, or fabrics, designers usually use this as a means of having fun and giving an ode to their creativity. Even though it’s rare to see them in real life, it’s a fun trend to try and incorporate in simple ways. Danielle is the Fashion Editor at Cosmopolitan, where she covers the American and British ready-to-wear markets and handles fashion for all cover and fashion stories in book and online. When she’s not working on print, she covers all the latest fashion trends and news for digital. Danielle started as a Fashion Intern for Cosmopolitan in 2016 and has been with the magazine ever since.

Fringed Mini Dress

The great news is that these styles are not exclusive to any season; they can pretty much get you through the year (and your life, teehee). Fashion is a mix of creativity and style, making it an easy medium to have fun with. While there will always be style trends to follow, there are also opportunities to add some whimsy to your closet with the help of some adventurous fashion designers. Many times, when designers look to cause a high-fashion comical moment on the runway, they turn to trompe l’oeil. Trompe l’oeil is French for “to deceive the eye” or “trick the eye.” These pieces are unique in that they often take the shape of a drawing, painting, or digital rendering, even though it holds the shape of another topic. The most common example of trompe l’oeil is typically seen with the cartoon bikini plastered over a white long t-shirt you see in TV and movies.

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Scalloped edges, iridescence, pearl embellishments, and nautical textures like distressed fringe and netting all make a mermaid-y fashion statement without veering into costume territory. Ahead, our 10 favorite takes on the Mermaidcore trend, from swimwear to accessories to wardrobe staples, no seashell bra required. This past summer, cut-outs were everywhere, specifically a double oblique cut-out (like on this viral Cult Gaia dress).

In an age when we view clothes primarily through online images, trompe l’oeil pieces blur the boundary between real life and virtual trickery—plus, they also happen to look supremely cool on. Although you can certainly choose to bare it all under a thin layer of mesh or organza, the summer 2023 runways proved that see-through materials can also be modest. Layer transparent pieces with opaque (but not heavy) ones to give any outfit an ethereal look. Colorful knitwear, controversial footwear, and printed dresses are all in her arsenal.

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You could even film a cute HoCo transition TikTok to a Wednesday sound when you recreate her iconic dance on the big night. The sparkly, shiny fabrics will look bomb under the light of the dance floor as you break it down to Taylor Swift remixes and Ice Spice songs. One of the greatest tales of transformation is the story of a mermaid going from sea to land, turning into a human and experiencing what goes on above the water’s surface.

Asos Design Shirred Bardot Blouson Sleeve Midi Dress, $85

Others, however, are obviously not real, and they are made for a reason. Fashion sometimes likes to invoke sarcasm into its trends, making its pieces even more of a message. Sometimes the trompe l’oeil pieces you see on the runway serve to poke fun at the high status and refinement of the industry.

Skirts? Pants? Why Not Both?

Cut-outs continued to dominate formal wear on the New York runways but this time, designers were picking a side. One-sided oblique cutouts were everywhere and on everyone—Gigi Hadid rocked the look at Tom Ford and Karlie Kloss wore a one-shoulder iteration at Carolina Herrera. The style is a great way to emphasize your waist, show a little skin and play up any simple gown. If you, like me, are short, finding trends and pieces that work for your height can sometimes be tricky. While actual growth is out of the question, dressing can be made easier simply by knowing what not to wear.

I preached this trend in my 2023 spring fashion trends article, but it’s never more prevalent. We are going full 70’s vibes with crochet outfits, which arguably is the most expensive trend in this list. Crochet pieces are hard to make and often unique, so they are going to cost more.

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Martha Jane Cannary, better known as Calamity Jane, buried her curves in thick hideskin jackets and fringed trousers to ride alongside men in the cavalry. Ranch women ditched their corsets but rarely their full skirts, even as they dragged in the mud. Western wear was unfussy and durable, a stark contrast to the delicate silk and lace of the East Coast. Moreover, the Ambush x Terminal digital fashion items offer exclusive perks to its owners. From a Sashiko teddy bear to entry to an exclusive event, the benefits are many. These NFTs, a blend of digital art and fashion, are a testament to the future of the industry.

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A hot pink interior, a metallic pill sculpture – each element is designed to immerse guests in the brand’s universe. Fashion expert, Amanda Garrigus, shares some updated 90s inspired looks. J-Hope’s cool sense of style gives off a signature hip-hop vibe, like his style icons A$AP Rocky and Travis Scott. However, Suga shared there’s one member of BTS who isn’t afraid to rock the cool accessory, and it’s none other than J-Hope.

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The cargo pocket has been a star detail for a few summers now, and while it’s hard to miss with a pair of cargo pants, take a cue from the likes of Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton and add some to your skirt, shorts, or vest. Hannah is the Assistant Fashion & eCommerce Editor at Seventeen and covers all things style, shopping, and money. Seventeen taught her how to get dressed when she was younger, and she now spends her working hours passing down her expertise. Embrace your inner ~Barbie girl in a Barbie world~ with hot pink dresses in ruched, ruffled, or one-shoulder varieties. Get ready for fashion doll’s signature color to legit take over HoCo 2023.

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