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Modern Minimalism: Clean Lines and Neutral Tones

This season’s most popular trends range from the practical (massive pockets, airy fabrics) to the decadent and fun (mermaid-inspired sequins, rosettes of all shapes and sizes). And compared with spring’s trends, which leaned more into denim and monochromatic styling, we like to think they’re just a touch more playful—perfect for breathing new life into your current closet. Whether you’re off to more summer weddings than you can count or you’ve finally worked up the courage to try sheer clothing, these summer 2023 fashion trends are the ones to know about. It looks like fashion designers were just as excited as everyone else about the new The Little Mermaid movie release. With gadgets, gizmos, dresses and accessories a-plenty, Mermaidcore is the latest aesthetic to hit the runways and the big screen. You’ll need seashell-inspired bralettes, sequin skirts and knit coverups to wear over your bikini.

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It strikes me that TikTok trends like these give visibility to a swath of people often ignored by a top-down fashion industry that misunderstands the world as Los Angeles, Paris, New York. For more than a century we looked to the cities for the latest fashion. “The coastal cowgirl” emerged this spring in TikTok inspo videos and endless press releases that fused rugged ranch style with beachside glamour.

Men’s summer fashion with Graif Clothing – KEYC

Men’s summer fashion with Graif Clothing.

Posted: Wed, 24 May 2023 21:24:00 GMT [source]

The great news is that these styles are not exclusive to any season; they can pretty much get you through the year (and your life, teehee). Fashion is a mix of creativity and style, making it an easy medium to have fun with. While there will always be style trends to follow, there are also opportunities to add some whimsy to your closet with the help of some adventurous fashion designers. Many times, when designers look to cause a high-fashion comical moment on the runway, they turn to trompe l’oeil. Trompe l’oeil is French for “to deceive the eye” or “trick the eye.” These pieces are unique in that they often take the shape of a drawing, painting, or digital rendering, even though it holds the shape of another topic. The most common example of trompe l’oeil is typically seen with the cartoon bikini plastered over a white long t-shirt you see in TV and movies.

Skirts? Pants? Why Not Both?

The hotter it gets, the more you’ll want to wear one of these cut-out pieces. Yes, we love our maxi skirts, but now it’s all about micro-everything. This girly dress can easily be given a city edge with a pair of platform boots, sporty sunglasses and a worn-out leather bag. Bring mermaidcore to any special occasion with this sexy pink gown with a fishtail hemline. The shimmery material will make it look like you just emerged from the ocean.

What Is Mermaidcore? The Summer Aesthetic To Make Part Of Your World

While whites and tans are the dominant colors of the summer to contrast and complement your sun kissed skin, everyone loves to wear bright colors too. Muted pastels like seafoam green and bubblegum pink are a thing of the spring, so make room for royal reds and purples. A closet overhaul—or refresh—adds up, so save when you shop the best summer 2023 fashion trends with these Madewell, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue promo codes, as well as coupons from Shopbop and Net-a-Porter. Crochet is one of those styles that has us all caught up no matter the season! From bikinis to dresses, they’re timeless pieces that we’ll never stop including in our suitcases.

Abercrombie & Fitch Satin Pleated Cutout Maxi Dress, $150

If you want to incorporate one of these 2023 homecoming trends into your lewk, we’ve put together a guide to some of our favorites to help kickstart your search. This season took it to the next level, with trompe l’œil water droplets and scales printed on scuba tops, jackets, and one-piece scuba swimsuits juxtaposed with linen opera coats. One of Hollywood’s favorite fashionistas, Boynton has stunned on the red carpet since ’06. Maybe you’ve been gravitating toward a mishmash of thoughtfully curated outfits à la White Lotus’ Portia more often than usual lately.

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A hot pink interior, a metallic pill sculpture – each element is designed to immerse guests in the brand’s universe. Fashion expert, Amanda Garrigus, shares some updated 90s inspired looks. J-Hope’s cool sense of style gives off a signature hip-hop vibe, like his style icons A$AP Rocky and Travis Scott. However, Suga shared there’s one member of BTS who isn’t afraid to rock the cool accessory, and it’s none other than J-Hope.


The unapologetically sparkly pink vibes of Barbiecore (which drops on July 21st, BTW) will undoubtedly be everywhere come homecoming szn, too. The wonders of the sea continued to strike a balance against earthly pleasures with hypnotic fish scale skirts paired with cropped jackets and massive encrusted feather and metal headpieces. Gorgeous beaded dresses bore a striking resemblance to stained glass windows, draped just so over the body. Elsewhere, colorblocked minidresses, one of Ghesquière’s staples, were layered, ruched, and bunched to perfection, never once losing their technical rigor or excitement. Paired with masquerade masks in metallic finishes, they looked like lost relics from a Venetian ball, brought into the future. It seems like just yesterday we were all wearing homemade tie-dye sweatsuits as a result of quarantine-induced boredom.

Surrealist fashion

Martha Jane Cannary, better known as Calamity Jane, buried her curves in thick hideskin jackets and fringed trousers to ride alongside men in the cavalry. Ranch women ditched their corsets but rarely their full skirts, even as they dragged in the mud. Western wear was unfussy and durable, a stark contrast to the delicate silk and lace of the East Coast. Moreover, the Ambush x Terminal digital fashion items offer exclusive perks to its owners. From a Sashiko teddy bear to entry to an exclusive event, the benefits are many. These NFTs, a blend of digital art and fashion, are a testament to the future of the industry.

Glamour Shopping

Over the last year, my wardrobe has been inspired by the minimalism of ’90s fashion that has recently returned to the runways in a major way. These pieces have a soft elegance that I plan to incorporate into my summer looks. As the world collectively makes its way back to a new sense of normalcy post-pandemic, the fashion industry is finding its footing in Asian markets.

Poking fun at the entire concept of high fashion is one of the statements to take from this trend. While not exactly a Y2K fashion trend, the digital illusion is an ode to a favorite pastime from the late ’90s to early ’00s. If anyone remembers spending time creating fun drawings and painting on Paint, you’ll probably appreciate a good digital and pixelated illusion.

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Available this Thursday on Terminal’s website, these tokenized items represent a significant move towards the integration of blockchain technology in fashion. In the dynamic landscape of digital fashion, a significant development has emerged. Ambush, the forward-thinking fashion brand, has joined forces with Terminal, a renowned retail hub and designer incubator, to introduce a unique range of digital collectibles. But to keep a trend current and fresh, it has to be reimagined and approached from a different angle, while simultaneously staying true to its core pillars. To find out how to do minimalist dressing right in 2023, we asked six experts to share how they dress to this sort of effortless elegance.

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